Using the Framework

The resources are presented in the form of a framework - offering guidance on the what, how, why, and where to use the resources, and also some navigational tools.  All the resources have been quality assured and have been based on extensive research and development activities.

Each resource has come from one of three sources:

  1. Action research projects led by the Scholarship Development Managers who were employed by the colleges involved in the AoC/HEFCE Scholarship Project.  These were approved and then evaluated by a panel of experts with extensive knowledge and experience of college higher education;
  2. Research and evidence gathering activities commissioned by the AoC Scholarship Project team. Where new research was undertaken this was evaluated by the panel of experts.  In other cases short guidance notes were produced, which summarised the evidence base;
  3. In some cases research commissioned outside the project is also included in the framework, but only where the relevant work had a direct connection with the aims of the project, and with the express permission of the authors of that work.


Each resource has a title and author(s), which should be acknowledged when the resource is being adopted, adapted, or is officially referred to. Each resource is also prefaced by a concise summary, which outlines the context in which the resource was developed, and the intended context for its anticipated use.


A key has been produced, which lists the key terms, icons and colours which have been produced to aid navigation around the resources.

You may prefer to simply view all the resources as a list and just consult the summaries as you go, or you may prefer to use one of two main navigational tools:

  1. Sorting by main intended user: institutional (only available to staff who have registered), individual (open resource available to everybody), forum (community of practice);
  2. Sorting by main theme: curriculum development; quality enhancement; student engagement; professional development

These terms are explained in full in the key, along with the icons and colours.


A glossary has been produced, which defines some key terms, and explains their use within the framework.  The list also includes some of the most common acronyms currently in use in the higher education sector in England (and in some cases, elsewhere).