Capturing an HE ethos in college higher education practice


Jonathan Simmons, University of the West of England, and John Lea, Canterbury Christ Church University.


This report, commissioned by QAA, explores the context in which further education colleges in England have been responding to the opportunities and challenges of providing higher education programmes. Specifically, it explores the connection between two features which have been identified as vital in ensuring that such programmes can provide an enriching learning experience for students: first, that experience needs to be demonstrably higher, not just in terms of enabling students to achieve high level learning outcomes, but also that students should experience, what has been referred to as, an 'HE ethos'; and second, that this experience needs to be soundly underpinned by a culture of 'scholarship and research'.


Simmons, J. and Lea, J. (2013) Capturing an HE ethos in College Higher Education. Gloucester: QAA.

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