Creating and enhancing scholarly communities through a case study approach


Dr Chris Dows, East Kent College Group


This resource consists of a detailed guidance note outlining how the associated template can be employed to encourage, record and assess a wide range of scholarly activity of staff and the impact on learners across all Higher Education curricula. Focussed on capturing the academic, pedagogic and developmental activities of staff via an action research methodology, it is designed to create minimal impact on staff while quickly generating a scholarly community. In addition, the process generates a rich source of data suitable for internal and external quality, CPD and strategic reports.


Dows, C (2018) A toolkit to create and enhance scholarly communities within College Higher Education. The Scholarship Framework. Digital resource available here:


The author also wishes to formally acknowledge the support of Lauren Anning, Dr Andrew Gower, Jane Davies and Alison Stanbury who worked on the development of this resource.