Going public: Disseminating the results of scholarly activity


John Lea & Gail Hall


This resource offers ideas and advice to enhance engagement with forms of scholarship, particularly for busy practitioners who may be struggling with where to begin. It also includes advice and guidance to college HE managers looking for ways to support colleagues to develop their scholarship profiles. The resource has two components: a guidance document and a series of playing cards. The guidance document has two parts: why scholarship is important in higher education, and practical advice on getting involved in scholarship. The playing cards offer concise summaries of some key concepts and ideas aimed at enhancing scholarship.


Lea, J. and Hall, G. (2018) 'Going public’: Disseminating the results of scholarly activity, The Scholarship Framework. Digital resource available here - https://www.thescholarshipframework.co.uk/resources/going-public-disseminating-results-scholarly-activity


The authors acknowledge the support provided in putting this resource together from all the scholarship development managers on the scholarship project.