HE Collaborative Peer Observation Process


Jacqueline Brewer


This guidance provides a process of how staff are able to undertake peer observation collaboratively as a scholarly activity. A process and explanation document is provided for the organiser. Following that, a 6 step process is provided which also includes links to relevant readings. College HE leaves little time for scholarship so undertaking the readings prior to observing is an excellent way of engaging with scholarship, as is the reflective process that has been built in to this resource. The readings can change for the next observation cycle and adjusted to offer themed targeted professional development on a particular subject. An example of this is provided here in the theme of digital learning.


Brewer, J. (2017) HE Collaborative Peer Observation Process. East Surrey College. The Scholarship Framework.


The author is grateful to Alex Day MBE and the staff team at Peter Symonds College who shared their own practice and the staff team at East Surrey College who supported the development of a model that would offer scholarship. Particular thanks goes to the pilot group of this trail and test at East Surrey College. Julia Hunton, Ali Kariz, Rachid Bekhechi, Nick Nathanail and Munkaila Asigri. Grateful thanks also goes to Richard Pearce, Head of Higher Education at East Surrey College for his thoughtful insights throughout this project.