HE Teacher Induction guidance notes


Jacqueline Brewer, Richard Pearce & Karen Fundell


This guidance provides ideas of what could be included in induction for HE teachers new to the College or established, appropriately qualified staff, moving from teaching in FE to teaching HE. A further education college (FEC) usually inducts new teachers very well but because they tend to be on FE contracts, the induction process immediately fulfils performance-management systems which usually lean towards FE, rather than HE. This guidance is not in the form of a prescriptive exercise because each institution is different and will need to consider what is needed for their HE teacher induction. However, there are commonalities which are explored here.


Brewer, J., Pearce, R. and Fundell, K. (2016) New HE Teacher Induction Resources. East Surrey College. The Scholarship Framework.


The author is grateful for all from the East Surrey College HE staff team who contributed through the initial workshop and responded to the question ‘I wish I knew this when I first started teaching HE at East Surrey College.’