Mapping Employer Engagement in the Creative Economy


Jacqueline Cattaneo, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, Sussex Downs College.


This resource should help institutions to map employer engagement (all subjects) and for course teams in the Creative Industries to facilitate employer engagement in the course design process. It also contains an activity for use by students. The first element of the resource is a tool to map employer engagement on individual courses. The second element is an infographic outlining employer involvement in Creative Industries course design. The third element is a card game for students, to stimulate discussion about ways of engaging with the creative economy that go beyond the work placement model.


Cattaneo, J. (2018) Employer Engagement in the Creative Economy. The Scholarship Framework. Digital resource available here -


Many thanks go to Jacky Brewer (East Surrey College) for her employer engagement mosaic which inspired the mapping tool and to Chris Hill (Sussex Downs College) who devised the model for the Curriculum Design infographic. Thanks also to all the members of staff at the Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, Sussex Downs College and Hull College who provided such rich and in-depth interviews about employer engagement and the creative economy in their subject areas.