Peer Assisted Study Skills


Jacqueline Cattaneo, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, Sussex Downs College.


This resource has been designed to assist colleges interested in establishing a PASS (peer-assisted study sessions) scheme, with Level 5 students mentoring groups of Level 4s. It is situated within the theme of student engagement. The first element of the resource is a presentation for use with college teams; it explains the mechanics of setting up a PASS scheme. The second element of the resource is a work book which may be used when training Level 5 PASS mentors. The work book will become a resource for these mentors to use when working with their Level 4 student groups.


Cattaneo, J. (2018) PASS for college higher education. The Scholarship Framework. Digital resource available here -


Many thanks to all the willing and creative students who contributed PASS at our colleges, to the Universities of Lund and Manchester who provided supervisor training, and to the University of Missouri, whose original materials still form the basis of good theory and good practice.