Research Based Induction: A toolkit for enhancing the transition to higher education


Rhonda Lobb, Myerscough College


This toolkit has been developed as a resource for providers of college based HE and is intended to provide some practical approaches and guidance on introducing an induction research based activity. The toolkit provides detailed information on the rationale for a research based induction, guidance on how to engage students in research during induction along with suggestions on how to review the quality of the activity, each section commences with some ‘top tips’ and then proceeds to discuss further insights. The toolkit also includes some case study examples from colleges who have previously adopted this approach.

The resource is primarily designed as an individual resource but could additionally be used as an institutional resource. The resource should sit in the theme of student engagement but cross over into curriculum development.


Lobb, R. (2018) Research Based Induction – A Toolkit for Enhancing the Transition to Higher Education. A digital resource available here -


The author wishes to acknowledge colleagues working at Myerscough College and Bishop Burton who kindly assisted throughout the project and gave up their very valuable time to consult with the author throughout the project. The author is particularly grateful to Charlotte Brigden (Myerscough College), Kelly Stewart (Myerscough College), Liz Lawrenson (Myerscough College) and Dan Orwin (Myerscough College) all of whom made constructive comments on work used in this resource.