The Research Cafe


Jacqueline Cattaneo, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, Sussex Downs College.


This resource has been designed to assist institutions interested in nurturing a scholarly culture within their college HE. The first element of the resource is a poster containing guidelines for the encouragement and nurturing of a scholarship culture. It may be printed off and displayed on a notice board, for example. The second element of the resource is a set of case studies that were originally discussed in the Research Café forum. Their outcomes were disseminated at external conferences. They are all linked to Boyer’s four scholarships, which underpin the work.


Cattaneo, J. (2018) The Scholarship Gardening Kit. The Scholarship Framework. Digital resource available here -


Many thanks to the members of staff at the Greater Brighton Metropolitan College and Sussex Downs Colleges who contributed to the Scholarship Gardening kit guidelines through their survey feedback and interviews. Thank you as well to the authors of the case studies in the Research Café pack, and all the other participants whose enthusiasm made the Research Café such a collaborative endeavour.