Student Academic Representation Tools.


The Student Engagement Partnership


There are three interrelated resources here, produced by the Student Engagement Partnership, all designed to support reflection on and evaluation of student academic representation systems, as well as suggesting pathways for enhancement. In the first and second, themes are explored across which you can benchmark your representation system, and five stages of development. And in the third, there is guidance for training new student reps. These resources could be used in conjunction with any related work being undertaken which explores how students might be able to undertake research and scholarship activities as part of their academic representation roles, e.g. Healey, Jenkins and Lea (2014), available through the Scholarship Framework (link).


TSEP, (2017). Student Academic Representation Benchmarking Tool. London: TSEP TSEP, (2017). Enhancing Student Academic Representation. London: TSEP. TSEP, (2017). Introductory Training Sessions for Student Representatives. London: TSEP.

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