Supporting Teachers in a Developmental Peer Review Process


Kaye Thomas, Macclesfield College


The resource offers an approach to the ‘peer observation of teaching’ which aims to scaffold teachers’ conversations about teaching and learning in College Higher Education settings. The underpinning ethos has been to develop a scheme which is truly developmental and supported. The three stage process includes the opportunity for the participant teachers to discuss the rationalisation for the planning of the session prior to the observation; this conversation is supported by a ‘prompt’ tool which suggests areas for the discussion including how the session aims to meet all students’ needs and how it is informed by the teacher’s scholarly activity, for example.


Thomas, K. (2018) Supporting Teachers in a Developmental Peer Review Process -  The Scholarship Framework -


The author wishes to formally acknowledge the following colleges who contributed to the trialling and testing of the resource: Macclesfield College and Warrington Vale Royal College.