Using concepts of multidisciplinary delivery to promote more integrated forms of student learning and assessment when devising new, and revising existing, HE curricula


Damian Fidler, SDM, Nottingham College and Jan-Johnson Smith, Academic Lead, The Sheffield College.


More than one discipline contributing to learning and assessment has benefits for staff and students. As an institutional resource, advice and guidance for those wishing to devise more integrated forms of delivery can be found on conjoining teams and how to look for disciplinary overlap - whereby different subjects contribute to the wider development of students’ skills. Expertise from several fields is seen to inspire sharing of ideas and effect collaboration beyond orthodox college boundaries. Ideally taking place at curriculum design stage, these approaches serves to enhance student thinking about ways to problem solve by addressing common goals through accumulation of knowledge from more than one perspective.


Fidler, D and Johnson-Smith, J. (2018) Multidisciplinary delivery: some steps towards implementation. The Scholarship Framework. Digital Resources available here -