Toolkit map

‘Applying and Moderating a Scholarship Rating Scale’


Author: Patrick Leonard



Evidence taken from a trial and test undertaken by the following colleges:


  • Hull College
  • Bradford College
  • Blackpool and Fylde College


What does this toolkit do?

This toolkit looks at the fundamental questions a college needs to ask itself when planning and developing a scholarship policy and culture:


  1. What does scholarship mean to our organisation?
  2. Where are we on our scholarship journey?
  3. How might we measure progress and plan to develop our scholarship culture further?


Using the writings and ideas of Ernest Boyer this toolkit will guide the institution on how best to apply the ideas of scholarship to their institution so that it has a positive impact on the student experience.


Who is this toolkit for?

College HE with small HE cohorts – this toolkit can be used to begin your journey to setting out what your institution understands by the term ‘scholarship’ and how you might institutionalise your definition of scholarship and go on to record and measure individuals’ contributions to their own scholarship journey. 


Medium sized and well established college HE this toolkit can be used to re-evaluate your current scholarship journey. If you already have a scholarship strategy, definition and even collect data on staff scholarship have you taken the next step to evaluate that scholarship?


This is a ‘how you could do’ rather than a ‘how you must do’ toolkit

This toolkit is not prescriptive and does not tell you what your approach to developing and embedding scholarship should be; instead, the toolkit offers a guide to how you might determine this for yourself by consulting staff, students, managers and employers to determine the best path for your institution.